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AirCon Miser

AirconMiser® is an electrical system developed by British engineers, based in Hong Kong to reduce the running costs associated with air-conditioning units and minimise the ecological impact of power generation related greenhouse gases.

Why should I consider installing AirconMiser® ?

Hot and humid climates can be extremely uncomfortable to live and work in. As a result we have become increasingly dependent upon air-conditioners to modify our environment.

Changing our living and working conditions however comes at a considerable financial and environmental cost.

The cost of running an air-conditioner adds significantly to your power usage, frequently accounting for up to 50% of the total electricity bill.

AirconMiser® will reduce those running costs by between 35-60%.

Savings that have been reported from major AirconMiser® users include:


Safaricom 40.2%
Middle East Police Force (UAE) 43.6%
Wong Tai Sin Hospital (Hong Kong) 63.5%
Amway (Thailand) 46.3%
Endeavour Software (India) 48.4%